Sashikala Vimukthi

Sashikala Vimukthi Dissanayaka has five siblings and lives in a temporary house made from clay and coconut-leaf (you can see Sashikala’s house in the picture below). Her father is the family’s sole bread-winner, earning a total of Rs.2,500 (around £15) per month. Their house is about 15km from the main road and the family struggles to get basic necessities.

However, Sashikala’s talent shines through these challenges. She ranks third in her entire school for the Grade 5 Scholarship exam, giving her a national ranking of 541 (in a country whose population is 21 million). Her end-of-term exam results, range from 85% to 100% in all subjects.

Sashikala’s favourite subject is Sri Lanka’s Sinhala language and she hopes to become a much-needed teacher in her village.

For many children, like Sashikala, having a real home in Sri Lanka is a privilege.
If you can spare just £15, you could give Shashikala’s family an entire month’s salary.