Roshan Sampath

Roshan Sampath Marasinghe lives in a densely forested area with very limited access to basic amenities. A smart boy with excellent school results, he tells us that his dream is to become a lawyer, his favourite food is rice and curry and his favourite subject is music.

Roshan used to walk total of 34 km a day to and from his school from his house which is in a jungle where wild elephants roam free. The PEF invested just £30 to buy a bicycle for Roshan, enabling him to get to and from school in a fraction of the time. Roshan has told us that sometimes the wild elephants still mean he can’t always make it to class on time – but we think outrunning wild elephants is the best excuse we’ve heard for being late to school and we’d like to see how it played out with the headmaster in England.

Roshan’s father, the sole bread-winner, supports a family of four children with an income of just Rs.750 per month (about £4.50) from the cultivation of crops. Basic facilities such as electricity are not available in the region but Roshan still came fourth in his school in the Grade 5 scholarship examination.

Many children in Sri Lanka are confined to their areas because it is too dangerous to travel on foot.
With only £ 30 you can help these children to travel with a bicycle.