Winners of the Proporta drawing competition – 2015

Shanuki Imasha Ravi Abhishok Sawbagya Swemini
(Kaluthara District) (Jaffna District) (Ampara District)

The winner of our Christmas 2015 drawing competition is Sawbagya Sewmini. Sawbagya has been supported by the PEF since 2011 and she continues to excel in all that she does

About Sawbayga

Sawbagya lives in a small rural village in Sri Lanka, in a district called Ampara. Sawbagya joined the Proporta Education Foundation in 2011, after we made it our mission to help support more students. A talented artist with an inherent creative flair, Sawbagya’s house was filled with her colourful, vibrant drawings – however these were offset by the broken, dilapidated walls in her home. Sawbagya’s extremely talented at capturing the beauty of the natural landscape around her, and she always adds her own touch to her work. With a genuinely friendly and somewhat shy disposition, this lovely little girl brings a smile to all of our faces, and we hope she will for you too – even if just through her art. The Foundation will continue to support Sawbagya through her studies, as she hopes to become a doctor one day, helping the local people in her small town. Well done Sawbagya.

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