Why small is good.


As you may know, we’ve set up a charity in Sri Lanka (www.proporta.org) and paired it with a UK registered charity to provide financial support to talented children – helping them to remain in education. We’ve kept it intentionally small so that we can respond to individual needs, not admin costs… A £ raised is truly a £ given.

One of the things we find most rewarding is noticing the similarities, as well as the differences, between Sri Lankan and British culture. So we thought we’d introduce some of our PEF students to the pupils from a local school, Woodingdean Primary, near our hometown of Brighton, UK.

Over the past few weeks both sets of students have been extremely excited to receive letters from their new pen pals and they’ve enjoyed writing and reading about their favourite subjects (religious studies, maths and art), games (football and cricket) and what they want to be when the grow up (singer/songwriters, doctors and engineers).


1. Tweet us @EducateSriLanka

2. Visit our eBay store and purchase a Proporta accessory, and we’ll make a donation to the PEF.

3. Invest £5 – we’ll supply a PEF student with a solar LED lamp (important because many of our students don’t have electricity and kerosene lamps are terrible for their health).

4. Invest £35 – we’ll buy them a bike to help them get to school. This is a more common challenge than you’d expect, with long journeys in remote, rural areas and even wild elephants to contend with.

5. Invest £75 – this will fund one of our students for a whole year.

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