Premkanth another talented young boy from a small village in Sri Lanka carries the burden of a terrible story. His mother is Tamil and married a Sinhalese man but, during the civil war which devastated Sri Lanka between 1983 and 2009, his father was shot dead by terrorists who disapproved of the marriage because it crossed the religious divide.

Tragically, at the age of six Premkanth witnessed the murder alongside his mother and little brother.

His mother is now working for a tiny salary in the village.

Like many other young victims from both sides of the war in Sri Lanka, Premkanth rose to the challenge which was thrown at him to concentrate on his education, knowing that this was the only hope his family had.

Determination and hard work paid off and he passed the scholarship examination with an exceptionally high score, bringing him to the attention of his teachers and the PEF.

Just as our students tell us that they feel fortunate to have our support, we feel lucky to have found them and to be given the chance to help.

By reading this, you now have that same chance to help Premkanth and many children like him.
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