PEF_water_project head

Helping the children to access water more easily, by building their first school drinking tap

When we recently received the generous offer of a donation from one of our customers (thank you very much Paul and Glenn from Hearts Global), we decided to invest the money in a project that would make a real, practical difference to the lives of students, teachers and villagers in one of our target areas.

Money can go a long way in rural Sri Lanka and our team there soon identified a perfect opportunity to spend the £250 to maximum effect – all of the money donated is spent on helping the children, we cover all admin costs and our staff donate their time for free.

On a recent visit to one of the schools attended by children supported by the PEF, our team discovered that there was no access to water and teachers, parents and pupils were spending a lot of time collecting water from a small spring on the top of a hill a few kilometres away. Despite the heat, they were also not drinking enough water (in order to cut down on the tie spent collecting it) and this was making it difficult for the children to concentrate in class.

So, working with the school principal the PEF arranged to buy the equipment needed to draw clean water from a nearby source and, after a day of hard work in the hot Sri Lankan sun, the resourceful parents had finished the work and the excited children took their first drink from the school tap.