Education is free in Sri Lanka but the materials needed to help with learning are not. In many areas just getting to school can be a trial in itself.
The PEF raises money to help talented young people to buy books, pens, uniforms, lighting… even bicycles – whatever it takes to overcome their daily challenges and get the education they deserve.



Sri Lanka is a land of around 14 000 villages which are home to almost 80 percent of the population.

Lack of reasonable transport facilities in rural areas is one of the main challenges to Sri Lanka’s prosperity and our team travels by bus, motorbike, tuk-tuk and on foot to reach the resourceful people living in these remote areas.



Proporta employs a team in Sri Lanka (they work on our website and Customer Service) and through this link the company has come to care passionately about the welfare of young Sri Lankans – especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds fighting daily to overcome unimaginably difficult circumstances.
This is why we’re raising money for the equipment and support they need to be given a fair chance through education.


Give a little, change a lot.

A Solar Lamp


Buys one solar lamp to do homework after dark.

In rural areas, many houses do not have basic amenities – including electricity. This means, people often have to use dangerous and polluting paraffin lamps. Instead, solar lamps use Sri Lanka’s abundant sunlight to charge up during the day and provide bright, clean, safe light for free at night.

A Bicycle


Buys a bike to save hours walking to school.

Many children walk for hours to and from school. As well as long and hot, their routes can be dangerous. Houses in the jungle are often surrounded by elephants and other dangerous animals. Often, children cannot set out on foot because the journey to school is simply too dangerous.
A push-bike provides and simple, cost-effective and long-term solution to this challenge allowing a child to get to school every day.

Education for a Whole Year


Gives a child what they need to attend school for a whole year.

Can you think of a better way to invest £80 today? Although to most of us, £80 is not a fortune, in Sri Lanka it can offer a child the chance of a future. Education plays a major part in the life and culture of the country, we believe that it should be the right of every Sri Lankan child – not just those with wealthy parents.


At the heart of the PEF is a very simple promise – 100% of the money we receive in donations arrives in full with the recipient. We cover the cost of all admin and all fundraising.


Who we are

The Proporta Education Foundation (PEF)

Many years ago, Proporta ( began manufacturing its first products in Sri Lanka and the Proporta directors, Guy Monson and Mike Coombes, both fell in love with the country.
As Proporta grew, the company set up an office in Sri Lanka where a hard-working team now handles the company’s Customer Services and web development.
Wanting to give something back to the Sri Lankan people, in 2008, Mike and Guy set up the PEF (Proporta Education Foundation – UK Registered Charity Number 1154827, Company No. 08402500) and began donating a portion of Proporta’s profits to it.

© 2018. Proporta Education Foundation is a registered charity in England and Walles (no 1154827)

Ten-year-old Barsha lived in a poor family close to Jaffna which was embroiled in the Sri Lankan civil war. Life was quite literally a fight for survival.
One day she was out walking with her parents and her brother, looking for food and water when they came under attack.
There was an explosion and her mother and brother were killed in front of her. Barsha and her father only narrowly escaped being killed themselves.
After this, Barsha’s father abandoned her and she was taken in by another family, managing through sheer determination to continue with her studies.

But her new family lacked the finances to help her and this is where the PEF was able to help, paying for counselling support, equipment and books.


Sri Lanka’s civil war has left many children like Barsha orphaned.
Help us to help them to build a better future through study.


Maduranga and her mother used to visit the local river every day to bath and wash their clothes.
On one such day, Hiruni’s mother was dragged by a crocodile into the middle of the river and killed as Maduranga watched helplessly.
Devastated by the loss of her mother, Maduranga struggled on and has managed to achieve academic success with financial support from the PEF.


Without access to running water, many Sri Lankans are forced to use dangerous rivers to provide water for their families.
Help us to support children like Maduranga.


Rohanlived in a forested area with very limited access to basic amenities.
Bright and keen to study, Rohan was doing well at school when he could attend.
But his 34 kilometre (21 mile) round trip to school was often blocked by wild elephants and other dangerous animals.
Some days he would set off for school but be forced to turn back by the animals.
His education was suffering but his parents had a solution: all he needed was a push-bike.
The PEF bought him a bike for £30 (we still think this is the best bike we will ever own) and Rohan is now studying hard to become a lawyer.


In Sri Lanka, many children walk huge distances to and from school each day – all they need is a little help.
Just £30 will buy a bike and get a student to school.